The Two Types of Partner Visa and What They Mean for Settling Your Family In Australia

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Australia has a lot of great opportunities for people looking to start a family, and for those who have a partner that is Australian, this is easier than it would be otherwise. However, there is still quite a lot of work that you need to do to achieve this goal, and the first thing you need to know is what a partner visa is and the two forms that it comes in. Once you feel comfortable with how a partner visa relates to your situation, you can start the process of applying to get your journey underway. 

Temporary Partner Visa

A temporary partner visa is a bit of a misnomer in that, in most cases, it is not a separate visa but rather a step towards getting a permanent partner visa. To get a temporary partner visa, you have to submit an application for a permanent partner visa and, while that is processing, you may be granted a temporary partner visa so that you may live in Australia while your application is being processed. This visa applies to partners (both de facto and married) of Australian citizens, and also covers their children and, in some cases, one other member of the family such as a grandparent.

Permanent Partner Visa

A permanent partner visa will usually be issued within one to two years of your application. When you have a permanent partner visa you can relax, the hard part of your journey is over and you can now freely travel to and from Australia with no hangups that you might be stopped at the border. Under both types of visas, you are able to get health insurance as well as some help with learning English if that is applicable. With a temporary or permanent partner visa, you can also begin to find work or study in Australia. 

How Do I Apply?

While you can apply for a partner visa on your own, almost everyone uses a partner visa agent to help them. That is because this is a very important process that you do not want to get wrong, as any wrong move can cost you an extra few years of waiting with uncertainty. By using a partner visa agent, you have confidence that they will be able to fill out everything correctly and expedite the process where possible. It also means you have an expert in your corner who knows what your chances are and who can fight for your rights if any issues arise.