The Different Types of Psychological Professionals You Could Consider

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The field of psychology has a wide spectrum of branches. As such, it is not recommended to simply set an appointment with a psychologist unless you know what their field of expertise is. If you are seeking someone to help you with issues concerning your mental state or that of a loved one, then you would have to narrow down the best psychological consultant based on their specialty field. The following are some of the different psychological professionals you could consider depending on your individual needs.

Clinical psychologists

Clinical psychologists specifically work with patients who suffer from some form of mental illness. They are trained to diagnose the cause of the emotional, mental or behavioral disturbance in their patients. Additionally, they provide therapy in accordance to the mental illness that they you may be suffering from. Clinical psychologists will generally treat mental illnesses such as depression, phobias, schizophrenia and more. They may also deal with eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia.

Educational psychologists

As the name suggests, these psychologists specialises in the learning and teaching process. They tend to work with either patients who are in elementary or secondary school. An educational psychologist will also work together with both the parents as well as the teachers of their patients to establish what is causing an abnormality in the patient's learning process. They tend to deal with learning problems such as attention deficit disorder, autism and more.

Industrial psychologists

These psychologists are also referred to as organizational psychologists. Their field of expertise is mental problems related to the workplace. An industrial psychologist will concentrate on enhancing the productivity of employees by determining what is affecting their mental state while they are at the workplace. More often than not, this encompasses helping employees strike a healthy balance between their regular life and their work. Industrial psychologists can also be of assistance to employers in various ways such as being involved in the applicant screening processes, employee-training courses and more. Typically, you will find that industrial psychologists will work as consultants to an organization but some large corporations may have their own in-house organizational psychologist.

Developmental psychologists

These psychologists are also referred to as social psychologists. They specialise in human development from childhood to geriatric years. Developmental psychologists will focus on what is causing any abnormalities in the cognitive, emotional, social as well as physiological development of their patients. They are better suited at treating or easing problems such as social anxiety, sexual disorders and more.