When You Might Need a Migration Agent to Emigrate to Australia

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A person is not legally obligated to use a migration agent when emigrating to Australia; you are free to file your own paperwork and meet with any immigration agents on your own if that's your choice. However, there are times when it's good to hire a migration agent to help you through the process. They cannot guarantee success in getting a visa, as that is still up to the immigration agents, but they can make the process easier and, in some cases, help you to be more successful. Note a few reasons why you might need a migration agent when you're thinking of emigrating to Australia.

1. When it's "complicated"

Are you looking to move to Australia to be with a spouse, partner, fiancée, or someone with whom you've been in a long-term relationship? If that person is your spouse, then you may know the paperwork to file and the type of visa to request, but when you're engaged or just living together and have no plans to marry, the paperwork might get a little more complicated.

This is especially true if you're not married to each other and need to prove that long-term relationship; you'll need backup documentation since you don't have a marriage license. There are also many different subclasses of visas to consider, depending on if you're in the country or not, if you're engaged or not, and so on.  A migration agent can walk you through all that documentation and advise you on what you need to provide no matter the status of your relationship, and they can answer questions about whether or not you can leave the country while the application is being processed, and the like.

2. If you need an opinion about your prospects

Very often, the process of evaluating applications can take months if not more than a year, and this can make it very difficult for someone to plan the next stage of their life as they wait to hear if they can move to a certain country permanently. Rather than hold up your plans, you can work with a migration agent who can review all the details of your case and then give you an honest, experienced opinion about your chances of success.

If he or she says that they don't think you have a good chance at getting your visa approved, you can then consider adjusting your plans accordingly and even withdrawing your application, if that would be a better choice for you. This can eliminate the need to wait all those months or even more than a year only to find out that your application was declined and you won't be moving to Australia as you planned.

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