Death To The Bugs!

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A large number of homeowners understand how embarrassing it is when a cockroach jumps seemingly "out of nowhere" and interrupts a conversation with highly-esteemed guests in the living room. In such a situation, killing the cockroach will suffice as a temporary solution. However, such an occurrence is often an indication of a much wider problem: household pest infestation.

In order to avoid similar embarrassments in future, homeowners need to understand how to deal with some of the common household pests. This article provides a few tips on that issue.

The Dreaded Roach

Cockroaches have an affinity for organic food substances. This explains why you will commonly find this household pest in residential kitchen areas.

You can eliminate roaches from an infested area in a number of ways. Perhaps the most effective of these ways is to use of boric acid, sugar and white flour. Mix the three ingredients with water to form some sort of dough. Then place little bits of the dough in a roach infested area or in places where cockroaches love to hide.

Sugar is the organic food substance that attracts the roach. Boric acid delivers the killer punch by making the roach's exoskeletal system dry up and by messing up its digestive system.

In order to achieve tangible results, homeowners must undertake the described activity repeatedly until they eliminate all cockroaches around an infested area. Death to the cockroaches it is!


Termites are easy to deal with. Prevention is the ultimate protection against a termite infestation in the residential area. You can prevent termite infestation using physical barriers between indoor areas of the house and the immediate outdoors (where the structure comes into contact with the soil). An example of an effective physical barrier is crushed stone particles; these will create a barrier between the soil and the foundation of the house. Termites will find it hard to walk on the rough surface created as they attempt to find their way into the house.

For the unlucky homeowner who already has an infestation at hand, light from the sun may come in handy. The typical termite hill is made in such a way that it allows for very little entry of light. Excess sunlight is responsible for delivering the killer punch when it comes to termite control. As such, homeowners are advised to expose termite-infested household items to direct sunlight for several days until death comes to all the termites!

For more focused inspections for pests, contact a company like Jeffrey Hills and Associates. They may have more ideas about how to rid your home of these unwanted guests.